Women’s march

a moment in time We stood there united for a common cause   And suddenly The world turned grey   many were exploiting others struggles for their own moral gain yes it's true their reality is far from yours however, denying their truth by ignoring their claims forgetting to turn your head to give their … Continue reading Women’s march


The art of getting by

Finally, I've awakened by a tale that magnifies the state of my presence The art of getting by was a film that has further cultivated a freedom to be to breathe with ease in this glorious essence indeed grown tired by external forces that try and impose their attitudes you see with my self-assured eccentricities and fierce … Continue reading The art of getting by

Take Responsibility

Something I've noticed recently in our western systems is a lack of empathy. A willful avoidance of detachment from one's own reality to understand another's. When considering this question I started doing a bit of research. Simply to give context to my concerns. What I found was something truly astounding, but somehow unsurprising. The system in … Continue reading Take Responsibility


Often times you find yourself alone. None to engage with, little to see, and whatever to do. In such times, the initial spout for entertainment is to check your phone. To scroll through Facebook. Twitter. You know the works. But what if I told you, or rather, commanded you that there's a much better use … Continue reading Passtime

What is life?

We are caged into the prison of mediocrity, of becoming part of the norm. A statement that runs so deep in my soul. Everyone's infatuated with this idea of being accepted. Not being seen as "strange", "different" or "weird." That they loose themselves amidst societal norms. We need to make a conscious effort to take … Continue reading What is life?

Brown skin

I can remember the exact moment when I felt my skin reflected me. Chocolate, brown, black, I could feel the sun encircling my body in a warm embrace as I took to its glistening rays. Shining with radiance my chocolate seeped into my soul.. Everywhere surrounding I felt powerful as I became entrenched in my … Continue reading Brown skin